Working responsibly is part of everything we do. We strive to do the best by our staff, our customers, the community and the Environment in which we work.

The Environment

Food Utopia recognise the responsibility of minimising the impacts of all business activities on the local and global environment. We are committed to environmental improvements across the business; through incorporating cutting edge energy and water efficient technology, investigating the best methods of waste management to have the least impact on the environment and investing in training for our teams.

As a business, we monitor all carbon production and set ourselves stringent targets of reduction. Our water use across all factories has remained consistent despite significant throughput increase across 2016 and 2017. In layman’s terms; it takes considerably less energy and water to make our product (per tonne) year on year.

Food Utopia treat environmental management as a real business issue. We recognise the benefits of incorporating sustainability into the growth of our business, whilst treading lightly on the planet.

Waste reduction and waste management are key activities within our processes. We currently use two companies who work alongside us to ensure we reach our challenging Zero Waste To Landfill target. We achieved this high industry standard in 2016; and through working with other local partners, and where technology allows, we will always ensure our waste is treated at the highest rung of the waste hierarchy.

Health & Safety

It is a priority within Food Utopia to protect and improve the health, safety and working environment of all our employees. Their wellbeing and commitment are critical to our success.

As a company we are making great strides in promoting a health and safety culture throughout. Our safety committee members are involved in all aspects of Health & Safety and are trained to carry out work place risk assessments, near miss reporting,



Quality is everyone’s responsibility at Food Utopia. All our employees are involved in managing how we can improve quality today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Our key quality focuses include:

Striving to improve, meet or exceed our customer's expectations

Compliance with all internal and external food safety, regulatory and quality requirements

Applying internationally recognised Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure quality and food safety

Working with the best suppliers for our ingredients and commitment to developing and maintaining a strong and healthy supplier base. The sustainability of our high quality product is hugely dependent on a stable supply chain – we will work with our suppliers to ensure all certification schemes are adhered to and sustainability issues such as climate change, or product grown in water stressed areas, are continually assessed.


We are very proud of our accreditation's, not only are they essential in demonstrating our compliance but they also show how hard we work to maintain high standards throughout our business.

In March 2017 we achieved the highest BRC accreditation grade of AA!