Creative . Passionate . Exceptional 


We are food utopia


At Food Utopia we are now entering our third year of trading – and what a 3 years it has been!!  We have launched over 100 products with 5 new customers and our business has grown from £10m to over £40m in the last 12 months.  Our success is down to one thing and one thing only……our people.  

We are fortunate to work with some amazing customers who have supported us over the past few years and helped us launch some fantastic award winning products.

The next 12 months are going to be very exciting for our business as we continue our journey.  We are recruiting across most functions to strengthen our team.  We are opening our Learning Hub to provide training and support for our employees and we are investing in our NPD function to allow us to continue to innovate and develop market leading products. 

In 2018 Food Utopia will without a doubt be the place to be!!

Our business is built on a solid foundation of:

A dedicated, PASSIONATE and skilled workforce

A "Make it happen" approach to all aspects of customer service

CREATIVE products developed on the back of solid market insight

An EXCEPTIONAL plan people believe in

TRUST in one another

We are very proud of what we have achieved so far, however we never rest on our laurels and we are always looking for ways to improve what we do.

We are also very proud of The Cake Academy – our on-line, personalised cake delivery business.  We have been fortunate to make cakes for a whole range of celebrities and VIPs (aged from 3 to 100!!). To keep an eye on what we have got coming next take a look at our website www.thecakeacademybakery.com

The business will succeed because of all the above but in the main because we have a great team of like minded people who come to work everyday to make a difference.




food to go & Side of plate Salads

Our salads are at the heart of our business and where it all began for us. We make our salads bursting with flavour, colour, on trend ingredients and all the nutritious good stuff! From fresh side salads to filling couscous, potato and pasta salads. Perfect for accompanying main meals or for on the go lunches...delicious! 


Sandwich & Deli Fillers

A simple yet scrumptious lunch staple, our filler range is ideal for deli counters, sandwich shops or food service operators. We supply a varied range of fillers including some classic favourites such as Tuna Sweetcorn and Coronation Chicken as well as some reduced fat varieties, great for sandwiches, paninis, wraps and even the mighty jacket potato!                                                             


Snacking & Protein Pots

Snacking is a growing trend and this new approach to eating is changing the way we enjoy our food. Whether it's for health or indulgence our handy Snacking and Protein Pots are the perfect size to grab and go!                                                                                                  



One of the biggest growing customer trends is innovative salad products that contain nuts and seeds. We are really excited to be able to offer the facilities needed to make delicious nut products including scrumptious nut topped salads and nut-based dips! 



From bright, flavourful salad dressing to sensational sauces and gourmet dips. Our delicious condiments are all you need to take a meal from being mediocre to exceptional. We offer a number of sauce flavour profiles to compliment steak, chicken, fish and veggies or can enhance any salad and make it spectacular by adding the perfect dressing or dip.                                                   

prepared VEGETABLES 

We provide a large selection of prepared vegetable products including a number of specially prepared vegetable mixes. We also have great facilities to chargrill different veggies, including Peppers, Tenderstems of Broccoli, Courgettes, Cauliflower and lots, lots more.


Food service

As well as wholesale supply to retail outlets we also supply foodservice customers. We offer a bespoke service individually tailored to each of our customer’s needs, whatever your sector we deliver the same levels of quality, service, innovation and value.


Choose it... Personalise it... Enjoy it... It's as simple as that! All our cakes are freshly baked and hand decorate then delivered direct to your door!